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Weddings + Events

 Made To Celebrate

With the vision to help celebrate any occasion with a special & sensory filling experience. Our cakes are garden inspired with each being its own unique creation. We use both indulgent and back to basic ingredients with a special touch from our own urban garden. Dressed with flowers and creamy icing these are a feast for both your eyes as well as on your plate.

Single Cakes
This size cakes are available to order directly via the website www.theurbankitchen.co.nz - unless something specific is required
XSmall - 4 Inch - serves approx 4 - 6+
Small - 6 Inch - serves approx 6 - 10+
Medium - 8 Inch - serves approx 10 - 15+
Large - 10 Inch - serves approx 15 - 25+
XLarge - 12 Inch - serves approx 25 - 35+

Two Tier Cake Stacks
Small Stack - 6" + 8" - serves approx 40+
Medium Stack - 8" + 10" cakes - serves approx 60+
Large Stack - 10" + 12" cakes - serves approx 75+

Three Tier Cake Stacks
Small Stack – 8” + 6” + 4” cakes - serves approx 50+
Medium Stack – 10”+ 8”+ 6” cakes = serves approx 80+
Large Stack – 12” + 10” + 8” cakes = serves approx 120+

Four Tier Cake Stacks
XLarge Stack – 10”+ 8”+ 6”+ 4" cakes = serves approx 125+
XXLarge Stack – 12” + 10” + 8” + 6” cakes =. serves approx 150+

10  flavours to choose from with each tier able to be a different flavour,
Cake Flavours
Carrot Cake + Apricot Filling
Vanilla Cake + Lemon Filling
Apple Cake + Rhubarb Filling
Banana Cake + Blueberry Filling
Vanilla Cake + Passion Fruit Filling
Dark Chocolate Cake + Cherry Filling
Banana Cake + Salted Caramel Filling
White Chocolate Cake + Strawberry Filling
Dark Chocolate Cake + Raspberry Filling
Red Velvet Cake + Dark Chocolate Filling
All cakes are iced with Swiss Meringue Buttercream
- Bite-size Cupcakes + Cakettes also available to add to your order -
Cupcake/Cakette Flavours
Berries + Cream - White chocolate cakette w berry centre topped w buttercream, white chocolate drizzle + berry crumb
Toffee Apple  - White chocolate cakette w toffee apple centre topped w buttercream, spice grind + apple piece
Lemon Meringue - White chocolate cakette w lemon curd centre topped w buttercream + citrus piece
Cookies + Cream - Dark chocolate cakette w chocolate centre topped w buttercream + cookie crumb
Caramel + Chocolate - Dark chocolate cakette w salted caramel centre topped w buttercream + chocolate drizzle
Plum + Custard - Dark chocolate cakette w custard centre topped w buttercream + plum crumb
All cakes come dressed with floral's unless discussed otherwise, Just let me know if you have a colour/style/theme in mind for the flowers or a freestyle mix will be used with floral's bought directly from Ambrosia Designer Florist if no other florist is specified.

Cake toppers can also be ordered from Love From Seventeen
Toppers can also be added into cake quote but please specify this on the above form if you would like a cake topper added + ordered.
Corporate cake toppers with a business logo & message can be made to order, letting Love From Seventeen Kylie's design skills shine, minimum 2-week notice on any topper orders.

If you are planning your wedding make sure to check out Southland Weddings for all the wedding details + vendors you need to help create your day, The Urban Kitchen is very grateful to be part of this wonderful team!

We also support Southern Graze with The Ultimate Table set up - designed especially for wedding grazing + treats.

We love seeing your celebrations so tag or send us photos from your events, we love to share the celebrations too so any credits will be given to those when required.
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Please click here for our online specialty cake form. 
A 25% deposit is required for the tiered cake stacks to secure your date/booking.

I look forward to hearing from you
Oct 2020 - March 2021 dates will open in April '20